Events : Milongas/Tea Dances

Good News!

All our events are at the Redland Club in Bristol. BS6 6TN:

A monthly Sunday Tea Dance
(Esquina de Tango)
usually 1st or 2nd Sun 
now...2 - 6pm    

21st Jan, 11th Feb, 10th Mar, 7th April, 12th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 8th Sep, 6th Oct, 3rd Nov, 15th Dec

please check calendar

A monthly Saturday Milonga
(Milonga Este Noche)

invariably 3rd Sat  (Occasionally Friday)
7.30pm - 12.00am 

dates to be announced   

Wednesday - MILONGUITA:  
(8 - 10.30pm) 
monthly - dates to be announced

At these events you can expect:

“Golden Age” music (1935-55) tango, vals and milonga played in tandas with cortinas (with the occasional tanda outside this period) The very best dance music played by Tango West DJ's, Andrew and Michele and occasional visiting DJ’s

Excellent floorcraft on a wonderful large parquet dance floor. Clear four speaker 'surround sound' system. Tango etiquette practiced including the cabaceo.

Refreshements provided.

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